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I love a lot of fans! You guys are awesome! What I love! :love:

amy yumi stamp by generationmAcecupp stamp - Inner-D by AcexCuppoPuffy AmiYumi stamp by ComeAndJoinTheBandGGG stamp by FAN Stamp by DJ-KOKOAmi and Yumi stamp by ComeAndJoinTheBandMy name stamp by ComeAndJoinTheBandMonster High Stamp by TheUnicornLordAce stamp by ComeAndJoinTheBandAmi fan Stamp by Sofyx by amiyumiclubYumi fan stamp by Sofyx by amiyumiclubPowerpuff Girls stamp by ComeAndJoinTheBand

¡ooʇ ǝɯ ǝʌoן pןnoɥs suɐɟ ןןɐ

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Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi sign for sale
Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi wooden sign - For sale $ by ComeAndJoinTheBand
Only $25! Buy it here!…? :love: Wooden and handpainted by me! :painter::dalove:


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How do you transfer your money on your Paypal to your American Express card? :frustrated: Like I asked here too! comeandjointheband.deviantart.…
Someone please tell me immediately! It's part of my online job and its important! Comment and tell me please! :angered:
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Hey everyone, for those that know about Etsy, aka my online job, someone finally bought my first item there and paid me. But the only problem I am still having is that, how do I transfer my money from my Paypal account to my American Express card?! :frustrated: Please let me know how I do that immediately! It's my job so I need money on my American Express credit card because I shop with it and that's the only credit card I have! :angered: Somebody please immediately tell me how to transfer money from my Paypal to my American Express card, if you don't know how it work, pass this on until it gets to somebody that does know! :dollarus::twocents::emailsend:I need the money there on my American Express card right away!!!! Don't forget!:please:
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Yesterday I was at a thrift store and I saw so many old books I had as a young child! I was really hoping that something like the Powerpuff Girls and especially with the Gangreen Gang in them like I told you before about my childhood memory I had way back when i was 8 in 2002! :omfg: I still didn’t see that or anything like that yesterday when I was there! :cries: They had some look and find books there but none about the Powerpuff Girls! :ohnoes: I had that back during that time when I was 8 in 2002 when I first loved the Gangreen Gang and one of the pages in there was my favorite because it had the Gangreen Gang! (To find each GGG member!) :happycry:

And they had books there I had when I was about 5 and 6. I had those PPG books with the Gangreen Gang in them when I was 8! Usually a thrift store would now only have them since it’s kind of an oldish cartoon! :dollarus::twocents: (It’s only been around like 10 years ago or so. It hasn’t been around much anymore since then! :tears:)

My gosh I just really wish time could come back! :( I had the best childhood in my life! This year it would be 12 years ago! :wow:

I’m sure a lot of people have amazing childhood hood memories like me that they cherish! :love::tighthug:

I am still pretty upset about not seeing those Gangreen Gang books from my childhood when I was 8! :shrug: Even when I was at a thrift store where they have old stuff that people almost never see anymore! :ohmygod: That is why we almost never see anything with the Powerpuff Girls and other Cartoon Network shows at stores anymore! :saddummy:

Oh well, lol can't think of anything else possible! At least I do still have other Powerpuff Girls books right now all with the Gangreen Gang I ordered online! :typerhappy: Even though they are not those same books, but still! :confused:

Everyone can have their own ways to cherish their childhood! :)

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Spring is here and so is spring break! :squee::flowerpot: It was good! I went to many places in DC on the metro! :lol: Yesterday I was at Smithsonian and it was great! Today I just stayed in White Flint and got a coffee from Starbucks! :coffeecup: I'm not sure where I will go tomorrow yet! :shrug:

This is some place that I am REALLY hoping I can go to at least this coming summer! :omfg: The CNN tour center with a Cartoon Network store! :tighthug::please: Has anywhere been there before?! I never had and I really want to! :cries: Please don't let me forget about this before this summer because I am very jealous! :( They could have (you know what!) :wow: lol I'm sure what everyone please by, "you know what" is of corse, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi! :music::cd: Speaking of which I now love it for 4 years now! (since my sophomore year in high school when I was 16 in 2010) :happycry:

This is not only is spring break for me, this this is also when, 4 years ago from now is when I first became a fan of Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi! :rose::skull: I first joined this site in 2009 when I was about to turn 16 and that was when I was a fan of Ace and Snake of the Gangreen Gang (and I still am now) and how I got my old username, AceSnakeRox16! But I wan't a Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi fan until 2010! Then just several months ago, I changed my username to ComeAndJoinTheBand! :dalove:

The CNN tour with the Cartoon Network store is in Atlanta! I've been to Atlanta before! I've been there to a hotel there 2 years ago during my senior year in 2012! (damn it! I should have been to the CNN center there! :tears: I was also still a HHPAY fan then too! :omg:) Anyways, please don't let me forget about that place before this coming summer please!!! :worry: Hopefully that's okay with my family too! :pray:
Cartoon Network by mcrwayperfect09This is what it looks like!

I am finished with my Monster High fearleading dress, but the only thing I still need to do is iron on the MH logo! :blackrose::skullbones: But I have to get printer ink so I can print it on the iron-on paper for it! :tombstone::dead::fear:

BTW, everyone… :buymyprints: I had this since December!! Come on please! It's my job! :dollarus::twocents: And I still need people to buy something here! Especially for those of you that love my DA stuff here a lot! :heart: Please! Don't forget! Think about what you like there! :writersblock:

I made 5 stamps here! :note:
Ace's eyes stamp by ComeAndJoinTheBand
Monster High logo stamp by ComeAndJoinTheBand
Draculaura stamp by ComeAndJoinTheBand
Frankie Stein stamp by ComeAndJoinTheBand
Cleo De Nile stamp by ComeAndJoinTheBand

And I hope you have/had a good spring break everyone! :D
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My cat Sunny got back from the hospital a few days ago and she is now very well! :squee::rose: But she has a long scar across her back now! :wow:

And my computer is back today! :excited::happybounce: Thank goodness I haven't had it for like 10 days and now it's back! :love: Which is much better and easier than an iPad! :lol:

No more worries everything is back to normal for me now! :)


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Lara and I hate it! :(
United States
Hey everyone I am extremely hurtful and heartbroken at something here on DA, please help!!!

Welcome to my page! :wave:

¡ʍoɥs ıɯnʎıɯɐ ʎɟɟnd ıɥ ıɥ
Anything is possible!


My former username was AceSnakeRox16, so if you see anything that says "ASR16", please don't think I stole it! It's my old username which is why it's signed with that on some of my stuff!

:police:NO negative/inappropriate/disrespectful comments ANYWHERE on my account or you will be blocked and reported! These things get me upset/angry/annoyed VERY easily!! (For example, don't say anything like "I don't like your artwork"/anything like that to me! I get emotional easily so please be nice and appropriate to me!

And also NOBODY block me! There is NO reason! I am very nice! If ANYONE blocked me, I promise it's gonna cause a problem! :pissed::fight: I don't like being treated unfairly especially for no reason! Blocking me is part of that! I hope I made myself clear to all of you!

My other pages




:bulletpurple:Tumblr :icontumblrplz:

:bulletpink:LiveJournal(never use it anymore!)

:bulletpurple:Pinterest :iconpinterestplz:

:bulletpink:Fotolog(never use it often)


:bulletpink:DA Facebook page!:facebook::iconfblikeplz:


:bulletpink:My online job here! Buy my artwork! :buymyprints::dollarus::twocents:


About myself

Birthday: November 17 1993

Age: 20

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Occupation:College girl! :D

Favorite music:Heavy metal, rock and especially JPop!

Favorite color:Pink, black and purple

Tomboy or "girly-girl"?: Kind of both

Love:Gangreen Gang, Powerpuff Girls, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, Monster High, music, videos, shopping, food, art, going out for coffee, baking, Jpop, goth/metal, anime, friends.:love::hug:

Dislikes:School, homework, studying, tests, cyber bullying, annoying people, people fighting/getting angry.:pissedoff::work:

Favorite cartoon characters:Ace, Snake, Ami, Yumi, Draculaura, and Frankie Stein!

Favorite food:Cheese stuffed crust pizza, chicken, chili and macaroni and cheese :hungry: (I usually love hot foods with cheese) :love:

Favorite drink:Soda, water and coffee

Favorite music bands:Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, Abba, LMFAO, Pitbull, Three Days Grace, Katy Perry, No Doubt, Kim Wilde and!:music::cd:

Favorite nail polish color:Black (I'm not much of a "girly-girl")

Favorite carry-out restaruants:California Tortilla, Chipotle, Qdoba, Five Guys, Cheeburger Cheeburger and Jerry's

Favorite fast food places:Wendy's, Chick-Fil-A, McDonald's, Burger King, and Taco Bell

Favorite sodas:Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, Rootbeer, Diet Coke, Sprite, Coke Zero, and Wild Cherry Pepsi:pepsi:

Favorite coffee:Caramel and caramel-vanilla!:coffeecup:

Favorite ice cream flavor:Mint Chocolate Chip, Cherry Garcia and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Favorite places to get ice cream:Baskin Robbins and Ben and Jerry's

Coffee or tea?Coffee definitely! I hate tea!

Favorite places to get coffee:Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, McCafe, Panera, Caribou Coffee, Quartermaine Coffee, Chloe's Coffee:donut::coffeecup:

Hot or iced coffee?:Both!

Ice cream or frozen yogurt?Both!

High School:The Katherine Thomas High School class of 2012!

College:Montgomery College class of 2016!


Some of my best friends in RL is :iconguineapigzzzah: and :iconyvaine-polaris:


How long I loved these:

Powerpuff Girls: Since like age 5 or 6

Gangreen Gang(from the Powerpuff Girls): Since age 8

Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi: Since age 16 Since age 18 (Not much of a fan of that anymore)

Monster High: Since age 19


You guys are awesome! :blowkiss:

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