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January 22, 2013
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My most favorite childhood time of my life ever! by ComeAndJoinTheBand My most favorite childhood time of my life ever! by ComeAndJoinTheBand
I told you all before that this is my most favorite childhood memory ever in my life! :happycry::) Was when I first loved the Gangreen Gang back during the summer of 2002 when I was 8! :omg: During that same time, I went to a camp called Butler Camp that I drew in this pic as well! It also had a swimming pool there that is shown behind in this pic! Here's the link for this website BTW!:pc::windows: And I would think about the GGG when I was there at the time! :love: What I wrote on the steps there are just things I loved during that same time also, which were (as you already know) the Gangreen Gang, Butler Camp (where this picture is at), that kids music ablum called Sing Me A Story by Bob McGrath, those PPG books that had the GGG in them during that time, and ABBA! :cd::tunes::music: Some of the books were the PPG Look And Find, No Girls Allowed, and Bought And Scold! :bookdiva: The Winner Takes It All and Gimme A Man After Midnight are songs from ABBA! And Fishin For A Ticklin and Everyone Asked About You are songs from Sing Me A Story! :) You probably never heard about that album! But here is a page that has the tracks for it!:giggle: lol It is a kids music album and I don't care how old I am! I think the only reason why I still like it is because it always reminds me of my most favorite childhood time of my life I am talking about right now! :laughing:

That picture up above where the Butler Camp logo is is a picture of me during that time! :) That's what I looked like during this time of my life! That was when I was 8 in 2002 at the time in that pic! :dance::D lol :camera:

And also as you know, here is my sexy Snace video with the song Gimme A Man After Midnight I made last year! :heart:
Stamp After Midnight by kalot3000

Ahh the most favorite childhood time ever I mostly cherish! :date::happycry:
Gangreen Gang has been in my heart for 10 years by ComeAndJoinTheBand

I even made a Tumblr post about this! See it here!:icontumblrplz:


I even taked about it a lot in this journal here from last year! :hug:

And this one too!:D

And also BTW, don't forget to like me on Facebook if you haven't already! :facebook:

Anyways, this is my whole favorite childhood memory ever of myself I always kept talking about! :happycry::tighthug::love:
*EDIT* AceSnakeRox16 was my old username! That's why it's signed with that!    
BlueMoonScorpio Jan 25, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
wow you're favorite memory was when they first came around.
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